Overview of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association


The Chinese Medical Doctor Association, established in January 2002, is a first-class national social organization with independent legal personality and a national, industrial and non-profit organization voluntarily formed by practicing physicians and practicing assistant physicians. It marks a milestone that the management of Chinese physician team is shifted from the single model of health administration to a coordinated management model of health administration and industry self-regulation. 

The purpose of the association is regarding service, coordination, self-regulation, rights protection, supervision and management of Chinese physicians. The main tasks of the association are to promote the career development, strengthen the industry management, unite and organize the majority of physicians, carry out the law of the People's Republic of China on practicing physician, promote the spirit of professional ethics and life-saving humanitarianism, develop the post-graduate medical education and regular assessment, improve the team building of the physician, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of physicians and provide the health care service for  Chinese people. 

The highest authority of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association is the National Membership Representive Conference, the Council is the executive autority of the National Membership Representive Conference, and the standing council is the decision-making leadership. The Association consists of 11 functional departments, 8 working committees, and a number of specialist branches / professional committees. Its local medical associations have been established in almost all provinces, cities, autonomous regions and municipalities with independent planning status. 

The Chinese Medical Doctor Association is a family of the national practicing physicians and rural doctors. 


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